Awesome Autumn and Copious Cakes

Russle, Russle, Russle. Russling through the fallen leaves. Russling through the back of your wardrobe trying to find that fur-lined jacket that still has that Starbucks receipt for a chai tea latte (the first one of the year in 2013!), scrubbing the mud off your summer festival boots to keep your toesies dry from the puddles in the parks. Even though your dog will still jump on your chest insisting you throw the ball through yet some more mud, getting you drenched in the process. Wiping the dust off of your heating dial as the sunny morning rays no longer keep you warm. Yes the Summer stretched out as far as it could but here it is my friends… Autumn.

But what does this crazy season offer? Avoiding the obvious ‘wet stuff of the clouds’ answer, you cannot beat the beauty of some of the most famous sights of Cambridge in the fall. The colours (oh, the colours) the crimson reds, the great deep purples, the rich yellows scattered all over the old cobbles of Kings Parade, carpeting the calm morning river under the Bridge Of Sighs and to top it off the Van Gogh masterpiece the leaves make whilst covering St Johns New Court Building. Yes it may be cooler, it may be wetter, Starbucks may have gone up in price but Cambridge really shines in Autumn, we can all agree to that.

You must understand though that all this Starbucks malarky I speak of is total poppycock, as you would never see me in that establishment, ever! If you look hard enough there are many new cheeky cafes cropping up around the city centre and as we are British and will moan about the cold I really do sugget you sit inside these little beauties. You have the open kitchened Sticky Beaks just opposite Sussex St, The vinyl swapping retro cafe aka The Urban Shed down Kings Street (make sure you check out the Trolley Throne out back) and Let’s Go Punting’s favourite, Afternoon Tease also down the street of Kings (Kings St). The ever so lovely Jo, runs one of the cutest cafes in the city which is always filled with a totally eclectic group of Cambridge individuals. Their cakes are all handmade with precision and care, finished better than anything you will see on the Great British Bake Off (Nancy? Really?). Oh and the coffee’s, ah the coffee’s, I must say one of the smoothest cappuccinos I have tasted for quite a while and always served with a sincere smile. Please skip away from the commercial money grabbing chain cafes of the high street and head down Kings Street for a delicious treat to brighten and warm your day.

Ok there’s part of your day planned, now get down to the river! Yes we are still open for business before you ask. You now all know how beautiful this city is around this time of year, well most of the best bits are down that big stream we call The River Cam. If you are local then you must appreciate how quiet the river can be compared to the shocking 250 boats that clog up the river in the summer. For all of you who prefer the Ferris Wheel to the Bumper Cars, the river in the Autumn is the place for you.

Oh and guess what? We are also playing along with that Halloween thing we all love so much. Let’s Go Punting are gathering all of their knowledge about the more supernatural world that still lingers in the air of our great city after centuries. we welcome you to Let’s Go Punting’s Ghost Tours. Once the sun sets, the mist settles in, the lanterns come out and we take you for a truly atmospheric haunting experience down the backs of Cambridge University. Our walking tour friends are also joining in the festivities by taking you round the streets of Cambridge, which is much better than that studio thing they have in the London Dungeon (because its real!).

So please wrap up warm, keep your Kleenex on you, take in the beauty around you, and join us at Let’s Go Punting for Autumn 2014.

Until then Happy Halloween!

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