Let’s Go With A Cup of Cocoa

As a born and bred Brit any kind of change is to be frowned at. We like to be eased into change, to be informed about it, maybe sign some forms and wait in a queue for an hour to confirm that yes, we are happy with change. The Autumn crept in nicely, ooh a little more cloud here and a little chilly night there, the conkers, then BOOM! A TWO DAY SCORCHER?! People back in their t-shirts? Quayside full of the Sheppy’s Cider Sippers? It was a Monday and the river buzzed like a Sunday in May. Our tourists were beaming as much as the rays of the sun, as we managed to entertain many new fans of Let’s Go Punting. I think I actually saw a few chauffeurs click their heels as no longer were they giving that hourly shiver but whacking out the Ray Bans they collected back out of the glove box.

From sunnys to scarves again, Cambridge is resorted back into our misty Dickensian Novel we foresaw for the few future months ahead. Our bodies were once temples but new warm clothes mean slightly larger sizes to accommodate the food and wine we may consume to keep ourselves inside around fireplaces and restaurant tables amongst friends and family. Right now, who’s hungry? Although we should be saving our wonga for the late December event I will not mention until Mid-November. I say grab your money, venture out and make the most of the bad weather… by staying inside. But not just anywhere there are many new drinking holes/ dining destinations which will make your tummy rumble as soon as the scents hits your nose by the front door.

As bonfire night is fore-coming why not get into the smokey atmosphere and visit Cambs Cuisine’s Smokeworks just off the market square. If you are looking for a feast this is the place to go. If you like pulled pork, sweet potato fries and great whopping racks of ribs take a trip to this new and upcoming establishment. All the meats featured on the extensive menu are smoked to perfection and with the selection of alternative beers and wines you will not be far away from writing your own five star review on Trip Advisor.

If you are looking for a little taste of diversity I would recommend The Free Press on the other side of town. The Free Press has introduced it’s Open Pop Up Kitchen to invite you to devour different dishes every day of the week. This quaint English pub hosts such Pop Up nights such as Reggae Kitchen which brings you tasty jerk chicken recipes all the way from Jamaica and Inder’s Kitchen giving you that spice from the colourful country of India. Along with their ever rotating ale selection and church pew booths for a cosy setting for you and your chosen friends, The Free Press gives you an excuse to travel through the narrow streets around Parkers Piece.

But first lets rewind to the time of day before the sun sets, even if it is behind the seasonal cloud cover. Let’s Go Punting has joined the new craze of those cosy, comfy Slankets (We even have baby blue for the guys to join in!). Our Winter Warmer tours will take you into Narnia with wintery landscapes surrounding our architectural beauties, The Cambridge University Colleges. Along with the Slankets we offer a nice cuppa Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate to keep you extra snug whilst being entertained by our brave punters who are more than willing to give you a Christmas treat… Ah no I said it, ah well its out in the open now.

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Must dash kettles on and biscuits are on the cards.

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